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I recently teamed up with a local artist to bring a fresh take on yoga gear. The idea is to take elements of my yoga practice and fuse them with the creativity that

Trancevizion has to offer. 

The sun represents the divine masculine/yang energy. It is warm and firey. It brings strength and and burns off what no longer serves us. While the moon is cool and gentle, representing the divine feminine/yin energy.  

Both are necessary. Both offer balance, harmony, strength, and wisdom...

Sun & Moon.




Our mission is to offer amazing products to compliment your yoga practice. Not only do they look good, but you will feel good wearing them as well! Whether you are at home or in the gym, you will surely feel and look amazing!

About The Artist

Born and raised in Baltimore, Trancevizion is an artist renowned for his unique and bold designs created through intricate digital layering. His work spans a variety of products, including yoga wear, yoga mats, puzzles, gym bags, and tapestries, all characterized by vibrant and dynamic patterns. Recently, Trancevizion has teamed up with yoga teacher Divayogi for a new Sun and Moon line of yoga wear. This collaboration beautifully combines his distinctive artistic style with Divayogi’s expertise in yoga, resulting in a visually stunning and functional collection that enhances the practice of modern yogis.

Click here to order your

Tancevizion/Divayogi Sun/Moon Yoga Gear Now!

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